How to Be Saved
  • Confess Your Sins
                                           Acts 2:38(KJV)
  • The word is Near you,In your mouth,and in your heart(that is, the word of faith,which we preach) that if you Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and Believe in your Heart that God has raised him from the Dead,You shall Be SAVED.               
  Why I Need to be Saved?             Benefits Of Being Saved!
  1. You Have No Hope                                                               1. Spend Eternity with Christ in Heaven
  2. You Are Controlled by Satanic Forces                        2. Everlasting Joy
  3. You Have No Peace,Joy or True Happiness             3. Everlasting Happiness
  4. You Don't Know Jesus as Lord                                       4. Peace That Surpasses all Understanding
  5. Your Eternal Destination is Hell                                    5.Endowed with The Holy Spirit
  6. Your Spirit is Always Searching for Love                  6.Power To Overcome Trail and Tribulation
                                                                                                              7. Guidance For Everyday Living 
                                                                                                               8. EVERLASTING LIFE
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