Ambassadors Ministry
The ambassadors greet worshipers and escort them to their seats, distribute materials related to the worship service and direct individuals to pay tithes and offering in any orderly manner.  The ambassadors ministry revolves around serving first; and ushering comes second.
Psalms 64:10
Beyond the Walls Ministry
The Beyond the Walls Ministry goes beyond the sanctuary to restore hope into the hearts, mind and spirit of humankind.  This ministry consists of prison, addiction, homeless, and street ministry.
Matthew 25:35-36
Missionary Society Ministry
Missionary Society provide opportunities and resources to meet the changing needs and concerns of people throughout the church, the community and the world, and offer a fellowship so strong, a message so convincing and as enthusiastically contagious, that the Gospel through us will be at work in the world.  If under 18, they become a member of the Youth Mission Dept., which is also an arm of the Missionary Society.
Acts 10:38
Dance Ministry
The Dance Ministry's mission is to serve, reclaim and demonstrate truth through the ministry of dance.  We are used as vessels to bring forth the word of God through movement.
Isaiah 43:18-19
Health Ministry
The Holistic Health and wellness Ministry of the Mount Olive Church is committed to providing a platform for holistic health and wellness education.  We believe that health encompasses spiritual, physical, mental and environmental aspects of an individual.  We believe that health education and wellness must be addressed from an intervention perspective as opposed to being problem driven.
Jeremiah 33:6
Greeters Ministry
Participants of this ministry are the first to be seen when congregants enter through our doors.  Greeters meet greet every person with a warm smile and loving hug.  They also direct visitors and those with children to the appropriate areas.  Volunteers for this ministry must have a pleasant, welcoming disposition, and maintain a congenial attitude a all times.
Romans 12:13
Covenant Keepers Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry mission is to restore the sacredness of marriage by spiritually empowering men and women to a deeper understanding of Go's ordained purpose for their unity.
Matthew 19:5
MOVE Ministry - Men of Valor and Empowerment
 The men of Mount Olive are purpose driven, mighty men of valor focused on the development of the total man.  Our goal is to position men to take their rightful God ordained place, and empower them spiritually, economically, physically, academically and socially.
Proverbs 27:17
New Disciples Ministry
New Members' Ministry provides inspiration and information to new members of the Mount Olive church.  We provide encouragement and instruction to new believers, and understanding and direction to committed Christians as the work for Christ.  It is our goal to acclimate each new member to ministry opportunities and services available through the church.
Colossi ans 3:16
Intercessory Ministry
The Prayer Ministry mobilizes a united prayer effort within the church to encourage, teach and mentor intercessors that will give priority and emphasis to prayer in  life and ministry.  The ministry serves our local church through intercessory prayer and mentors intercessors for a global harvest.
Ephesians 6:18
COPS - Christians On Patrol Security
This is the security ministry of Mount Olive Church, which is designed to keep a healthy and controlled environment for worship.  COPS ensures the Pastor and members are safe and protected during every worship experience.  We stand as the watchmen on the wall.
Psalms 127:1
Seasoned Saints
The Seniors Ministry mission is to provide direction and support for the spiritual, social, and intellectual well being of our senior members.  Age requirements are 55 & older.  Members in this ministry are actively involved in service projects, helping in numerous outreach endeavors and being a blessing to the overall body.
Proverbs 4:7
SOLO - Saving Ourselves for the Lord with Obedience
The singles ministry is dedicated to encouraging, educating and empowering Christian singles to live their lives with abundance, excellence, and integrity.  Our theme is Singles Taking Authority and Reigning (STAR).  The goal of SOLO is to provide activities, which focus on the total person.  Our activities include Bible studies, fellowships, social outing and civic opportunities.
Romans 5:17
WOW - Women of the Word
Is dedicated to developing our women into becoming women of virtue.  Every women is encouraged to put God first by emphasizing her personal relationship with God.  This relationship is the key to her success.  The Women of "THE WORD" Bible Study meets on a monthly basis to study the Word and receive practical life lessons on: health, finance, family, and relationships.  A ministry for women, focused on spiritual growth and development. service to God and community, and social enrichment.
Proverbs 31:29-31
Audio/Visual Ministry
This ministry is responsible for making sure that the technology for sound reproduction is properly executed for all services, programs and events.  This ministry is also responsible for the video taping of live events and services for distribution and broadcasts.
Music Ministry
This ministry encompasses the entire music department for the church including the choirs, the Praise and facets of the music division.
Transportation Ministry
This ministry needs licensed drivers to assist with transporting church attendees to and from the church.  You must be at least 21 years of age.
Culinary Ministry
This ministry develops a well-balanced menu for the Mt. Olive Family and Guests.  This ministry prepares food for special events such as annual days, picnics, repasts, pastoral anniversaries, receptions.  The Culinary Ministry maintains control of the food pantry and extensive kitchen inventory, and advices all ministries that plan to serve food.